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Tell the story of your family!

Every family is unique, and each year brings new changes and growth. In our busy lives, we sometimes forget to pause and enjoy the moments.

The best images require the best light! 

Why do I schedule sessions at sunset? It’s all about the light. The tones and beautiful soft aesthetics you see in my portfolio can only be achieved during the golden hour, the magical hour before sunset. I understand that it might be challenging with kids, especially when the sunset is late, but I don’t compromise on this because it directly impacts the quality. 

Trust me, breaking the routine for one evening will be worth it. Most of the time, everything goes smoothly, and even if there’s a hiccup, you’ll never notice it in the galleries because I’m good at what I do. I have experience, so trust that it will work!

If sunset sessions aren’t convenient for you or you want to stay warm, we can explore in-home or in-studio options.

Remember, family portraits may not happen every year, so let’s turn it into an amazing adventure that will last a lifetime!

Columbia River Gorge family photoshoot


One of the most important steps in planning the perfect session is choosing a location. 

Parks. I am often asked to shoot in very green local parks. Sorry, but we can do much better, we live in one of the most beautiful states, so let’s think a little bigger. If we’re not shooting an urban location, I’m looking for natural open spaces. I can suggest a number of locations with warm color tones. Some places are in the Portland and Vancouver area, and some are further away — Ocean or Columbia River Gorge — it’s worth the trip, trust me! 

City streets. Portland has busier locations that are suitable for couples, families with older children, and quieter locations that are ideal for families with toddlers. 

In-Home sessions. If you are a home person and love your space, then this format is perfect. It is open all year round and in any weather. Your home is the best reflection of you. 

I have a location and styling guide created for my clients.


Earth tones are great! You can choose solid colors or small prints, as they tend to be more timeless! Avoid clothing with busy patterns or logos, as they can draw attention away from your face Please don’t wear any bright white! Off-white or cream colors can provide a softer, more natural look.

Don’t wear too much blue, it can give a cool tone to the overall look. It’s best to use it as an accent color. By keeping the blue to a minimum, you can create a more harmonious look for your photo session. Bright red can reflect on the skin. Muted shades of red, such as burgundy, can provide a more balanced and flattering look.

Wearing clothes that are too tight or too short can be uncomfortable and distracting in photos, as well as drawing attention to areas you may not want to highlight. It’s always best to wear clothing that fits well and allows you to move comfortably. If you do decide to wear heels, consider bringing a backup pair of shoes that you can change into if needed. 

Family photo session in the park. Family photographer in Portland Oregon.
Family photo session in the park. Family photographer in Portland Oregon.


Your session could take 30 min — 1 hour depending on your package. Once we are done, you will receive your gallery about 72 hours later.

Here are some simple tips to ensure a relaxed and enjoyable family photo experience. 


Family Photography by Irina Smagina: Portland, OR  Vancouver, WA. Newborn Family and Wedding Photographer Portland Oregon Irina Smagina

Seasonal Mini-sessions| from $270

  • 20 minutes of photography, 20 fully edited pictures + option to buy more
  • One beautiful location 
  • Deposit $100 for booking, remaining balance is due 1 week before session
  • Studio or travel fees may apply
  • Styling and location assistance
  • Online access to view and download pictures 
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Fall Family photo session in the park. Family photographer in Portland Oregon.

Family | $550

This session can be used for families, maternity, couples.

  • 1 hour of photography, 60 or more fully edited pictures
  • Deposit $100 for booking, remaining balance is due 1 week before session
  • Studio or travel fees may apply
  • Styling and location assistance
  • Online access to view and download pictures 
  • Immediate family only
Extended Family photo session in the studio. Family photographer in Portland Oregon.

Extended Family | $650

  • 1-1.5 hours of photography, 60 or more fully edited pictures
  • Deposit $100 for booking, remaining balance is due 1 week before session
  • Great grandparents free
  • Studio or travel fees may apply
  • Styling and location assistance
  • Online access to view and download pictures 
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Kind words.

Family photo session in the studio. Family photographer in Portland Oregon.

I loved the photos so much, I’m delighted. You know what else I’ll say, that’s how I see myself. There is not a single photo where I would not like myself. You somehow caught my angles (working sides) or something. I look beautiful in your photos! Thank you for your time, talent and work.

Family photo session in the park. Family photographer in Portland Oregon.

Irina is an amazing Photographer! She was so fun & easy to work with. I absolutely love each and every photo. She goes above & beyond for her clients. 🤍🤍🤍

Questions and answers.

What time does the Outdoor photoshoot start?

See the approximate session times below:

March — 5-5:30pm start time*

April 6 pm start time*

May — August — 7pm start time*

September — October 5pm  start time*

November —  4pm start time*

December — February  — 2pm start time*

Note session start time will also vary slightly with location c

What time does the In-Home\ Studio photoshoot start?

The start of the home photo session depends on the room in which the session will take place, I will ask you what time it receives the most light. Studio sessions usually take place between 11 — 2 pm.

What to expect during your session?

I often hear from clients “I hate being photographed” followed by “my husband hates it even more” or “we are very awkward in front of the camera.” I completely understand you! This happens very often. Please don’t worry, trust me. I’m not going to leave you hanging, I’ll walk you through the session step by step. 

I usually give general posing guidance, but every client is different, some people are natural and require little to no instruction, cool, other people are less natural and need more help, which is also cool… I will read your mood and help. We are not shooting for Vogue, so don’t panic. 

To look good in photos, you need to relax and have fun!

How soon will we receive our photos after the session?

You can expect to receive your gallery approximately 72 hours after the session. Yes, I deliver edited photos very quickly. Turnaround time for wedding photos can be found here

Travel \ Destination Photography

I work in the Portland and Vancouver area, and there is a travel charge in a location 45 minutes or more from Portland. 

I love beautiful locations and traveling, so I am open to new places.

 Please contact me if you need more information or would like to discuss some options.

What to do with children?

Kids are just kids. 

I have three of my own and I don’t expect kids to sit and smile for two hours. If I get one of these, I will be happy and you should be too. I want them to play and be themselves. I’m seeking real smiles, not forced ones. 

I also understand that everyone, regardless of age, has a mood and character. This is what makes you guys what you are. Forcing cooperation simply doesn’t work. 

My advice to all parents is to stay calm and relaxed, no matter how the baby behaves. Trust me, I will get beautiful images no matter what. 

The most important thing is to have fun, it’s just photos — let’s make this an unforgettable adventure!

I have young kids, why should the session be at the end of the day?

Unless we shoot indoors, outdoor session times are always 1-1.5 hours before sunset. 

I understand that this time of day is not always ideal for young children. But light is something I won’t compromise on. The result of the session depends on this. You just can’t get those golden tones and soft light at any time of the day other than sunset. 

During the day, the sun is high and the light is hard. It gives squinty eyes and unflattering hard shadows. 

I’m guessing you might not be taking family photos regularly, so it’s okay to break the routine a bit. 

Let the children take a nap later, feed them well before you come, and everything will be fine. I promise we’ll all get out alive and happy! 

Sunset times vary throughout the year, so keep that in mind when choosing the time of year to book your session! 

Bad weather and sickness

If it rains, there is strong wind or it is terribly cold we will reschedule the session. 

I usually don’t like to make a final decision about this until the day of the session. We will see a more realistic picture, twenty minutes of rain at noon will not affect our sunset session. 

If the weather looks really bad and I’m worried, I’ll contact you in advance to discuss options. 

If you, your kids, or I get sick, we postpone. If someone is not at their best, it isn’t fun. I’m not going to attempt to photoshop every image to “fix it”, let’s shoot them at their best and pick another date! 

Can I order photo book

All my packages are based on digital products. 

I also get a little depressed when I think about a photo archive stored somewhere in the cloud or on a hard drive. 

So please print your photos! I can make photo books, magazines, and notebooks from our photo session. See more information about printing here

You can also return to me at any time after the session to order a print. 

I sincerely want all my clients to have quality printing to decorate their homes, so feel free to contact me with any questions at any time. 

How long do you keep backup photos?

You will receive a link to a gallery with your photos, which must be downloaded within three months. 

I advise my clients to copy and back up photos in multiple locations. Digital storage sometimes breaks, so I recommend that you print and copy photos to all devices, and ideally to cloud storage as well. 

I store client files for a short period of time, however, I do not guarantee that all files will be kept indefinitely due to storage limitations. 

If you lose your files and contact me later, a fee will apply to replace them. So please take care of storing and backing up your files! 

What if I need to reschedule the session?

Life is complicated and the unexpected is to be expected. So I am very flexible. If you need to reschedule the session, please notify me as soon as possible, and we can work together to find a new suitable date. I don’t do refunds. But happy to reschedule.

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